eBook: Deliver better rail asset lifecycle outcomes with digital twins

This eBook will help you to discover how digital twin workflows can help optimise decisions and drive better outcomes across the entire rail and transit asset lifecycle.

Rail plays an essential role in our future mobility, the task of delivering safe, reliable and resilient networks is critical. To overcome challenges including shorter deadlines, tighter budgets, distributed teams, and aging infrastructure, rail owners and their supply chains must embrace digital technology to work smarter not harder!

Today, digital twins are rewriting the way our rail networks are planned, designed, built and operated. Connecting the physical and virtual worlds through digital twins means that at any time, anywhere, users can access the insight they need to help make decisions that improve efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Read this eBook fromBentley Systemsto discover how comprehensive software solutions, including their latest digital twin technology, empower engineers, contractors, and asset owners to increase efficiency, improve reliability, mitigate risk, and optimise costs across the entire rail asset lifecycle.