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An industry leader
nVent SCHROFF products and complete solutions combine the know-how of our specialists in the integration of mechanics, electronics and climate control together with many years of experience with the most diverse application requirements.
They are based on globally standardised product platforms that support rapid, future-proof and cost-effective development. nVent can offer design, project management, prototype and model construction, testing, certification, pre-production and series production under one roof.

此外,nVent可以提供设备齐全verified systems from a single source – a service that you would demand from a leading supplier – quickly and tailored to your individual requirements and we will remain a reliable partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your products, worldwide.

The best solution for every application
Whether for rail vehicles, at the station, in the signal box or trackside, our modular product platform, specific applications expertise and innovative new technology offer individual solutions for every operating environment. Superb mechanics, shock and vibration resistance, perfect shielding, optimised cooling, dependable power supplies and outstanding system management ensure the secure protection of your electronics, including rail certification.

  • Wall-mounted enclosures
  • Indoor cabinets
  • Outdoor cabinets
  • Cooling solutions
  • 19’’ Subracks and 19’’ chassis
  • Embedded systems
  • Front panels, plug-in units and handles
  • Power supply units
  • Backplanes

Project support and service
Engineering and manufacturing know-how under a single roof guarantees our customers complete confidence, efficient implementation and fast delivery. Because of our global presence, you benefit from manufacturing facilities and sales organizations at locations near you. As a result, our global project engineers bring expertise to meet the particular requirements for each region. Our team of experts are at your side worldwide and around the clock.

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